With a highly demanding and uncompromising design technique, the requirements for materials are very high. In this dedicated section we have presented materials that have proved themselves as being most conducive to our designs and the function of our products.
Selection of suggested materials includes natural leather and other materials of various textures in a vast range of colours. It is constantly updated with new recommended articles.

Luxurious, full-grain natural leather made from Italian bovine hides originating from the Veneto region.
Resilient and smooth, with muted sheen, it complements the complexity and beauty of Empleach'd Vitalia weave.
With silky soft tannage and semi-glazed finish it delivers a classic satiny look, timeless and elegant.
Along with being relatively durable and easy to maintain, it has proven water-repellent qualities. Although moderately susceptible to scratches and other abrasions, most marks can be buffed out.

Introduced in our Classic Collection in a range of neutrals, it is available in over 40 shades for made-to-order products.

Article suitable for the exterior of the handbag, panels: I, II, III, IV



Defined by its sophisticated look and finest of grains available, Glacekid is a classic smooth leather with lustrous glossy finish. Sleek and resilient, it contributes to the prominence and definition of the weaved part of the handbag.

This is a delicate leather that requires careful handling.

Article suitable for the exterior of the handbag, panels: II, III


Smooth, silky soft natural leather with metallic antique finish embodies a lustrous yet subtle glow.
A distressed, lightly crumpled finish adds an understated and laid back feel to its glamorous appearance.
Water-repellent and scratch resistant qualities contribute to its bountiful set of advantages.

Article suitable for the exterior of the handbag, panels: I, II, III, IV

Nappala is a finished nappa lambskin, super-soft and lightweight, with a slight sheen and tempered finish. Along with its moderate water resistant qualities this leather is scratch and scrapes proof and provides a magnificent option for a luxurious handbag interior.
This beautiful leather in subtle China Doll shade is used in all our Classic Collection products, unless requested otherwise.

Article suitable for the interior of the handbag.



Samples of materials are available on request.