Our Custom Order service is an exclusive opportunity to commission a unique made-to-order piece tailored to your exact specifications. It allows the customisation of a product from our permanent range using a specific type of material and/or selecting a particular colour combination.
For detailed information on the process of placing the custom order please consult the following step-by-step guidance.


If you would like to commission a custom piece and wish to discuss your desired specifications, ideas and requirements, or have any queries, please contact us at, by submitting your enquiry through the Enquiry Form or by calling +44 333 050 4207.

Design options ranging from mono- to multi-colour together with a vast selection of recommended materials and colours are displayed on our website and available for browsing and considering.
Should you require our recommendations or advice, we remain at your disposal to assist you through the design process. 


Please specify the design, material and colour option from our online suggestions by quoting the panel location, type of the material and the colour name.

Custom Order Visual illustrates various panels of the product where individual colours and/or materials can be used. Examples featuring various placements of colours and materials are showcased on Mono-Colour, Bi-Colour, Tri-Colour and Quad-Colour product pages.
Please enquire for Multi-Colour design options or for other options outside of those suggested on our website.

Drawing - pencil draft of the product, suggested as a blank canvas for experimenting with combinations of colours. Provided to be coloured using your preferred medium and creative vision to find the colour combination that is right for you.
Such an outline in the form of a PDF file is available on request.

Colour & Texture Library's collection includes recommended materials of various textures in a spectrum of colours. Please enquire for specific materials not featured here.


Samples of materials in listed colours, featured in the Colour & Texture Library, are available on request. 

Where will be a charge for requested samples, which will depend on the type of the material, number of articles and country of delivery. Such a charge will be deducted from the total invoice at the time of finalising the order in cases when we issue a custom invoice, or refunded from the total amount paid in cases when payment is submitted via the website.


Based on your inspirations and vision we will compose a selection of sketches featuring various combinations for you to choose from.
Every design option will be accompanied with the breakdown of the according quote and estimated dispatch times.
Once you are satisfied with specifications, we will produce detailed 3D visuals for your final approval.


Every product, by default, is assigned with a unique identification number stated on a plate and integrated into the interior of the product in the midst of the production the process.

Personalisation in the form of text or image, upon request, can be inserted instead of an identification number or in addition to it.
- Text personalisation includes name, date or other requested message.
- Image personalisation may be in forms of monogram, coat of arms, family crests and symbols or signs of any kind.
There is no extra charge for personalisation services.


Once all details and terms have been agreed and the quote approved, you will receive an e-mail with the Order Summary attached, which will contain:

- order number;
- final visual of chosen design;
- approved specifications, such as names of chosen colours, details of the materials and hardware choices;
- details of personalisation, if any;
- estimated dispatch and delivery dates;
- order total;
- available payment options and methods;


Creating an account on our website enables access to certain services and features, such as adding items to your Wish List, viewing or editing your details, viewing order history and tracking the progress of your order.
To register and to open an account on our website, please follow the registration procedure on My Account page.
If you have started the checkout as a guest, the creation of an account will be suggested upon completion of checkout procedure.

For more information on registration and creating the account on our website please consult the according section of Terms and Conditions of Use.


Payment for custom-order products can be submitted a) through website checkout, in certain cases, or b) by using the electronic invoice provided.

a) Website Checkout

The website checkout payment option for custom-order products is subject to our prior confirmation on order details and order total.
This means that once all the details and specifications of your order are established and such order found to be appropriate to standard pricing, we will therefore confirm that the website checkout payment option is available.

Prices indicated on the website for Mono-, Bi-, Tri- and Quad-Colour custom order products are generally applicable to orders with use of recommended materials listed in the Colour & Texture Library.
Multi-Colour custom-order products are not eligible for payment via website checkout and will be individually invoiced.

Prices for all products indicated on the website are exclusive of delivery duties and taxes and therefore such charges will not be included in the order total during the website checkout.
For delivery duties and taxes to be included in the order total, please request for Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) shipping. PayPal supported electronic invoices will be provided with all relevant delivery and custom charges added and shown as a separate line.

Website checkout procedure:

Our checkout uses 128-bit encryption to keep your details safe.
You can complete checkout as a guest or by logging into your Account.
There will be an option to create an Account on our website at the end of the checkout process.

- According custom-order product, with the same number of colours as your custom-order specifications, can be added into the shopping cart by clicking the 'Order' button.

- This will take you to the shopping cart where you can choose one of the following options: Continue Shopping or Go To Checkout.
- Go to checkout to begin the process of completing your order. Shopping cart will display product title and price.
- By clicking Checkout Securely you will be taken to the first stage where you will be required to add your e-mail address. After that, please go to Delivery Details.
- You will then be required to fill in your delivery details and billing address if different. Once you have completed this step, click 'Order Summary'.
- Order Summary will display the order information once again, delivery information and payment options.
Click on 'Payment' button to proceed to the payment page.

Website checkout payment methods include debit, credit or charge cards or payment via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay:

- Payment by debit or credit card
When paying with debit or credit card you will be referred to WorldPay payment page to have card payments processed and authorised securely in line with PCI DSS compliance, and then you will be redirected to the Order Complete page of our website.
We accept the following debit, credit and charge cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express.

- Payment with PayPal
To use this option you will be required to be registered with PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will be prompted to create one.
With PayPal chosen as a payment option you will be automatically redirected to PayPal website to log in or to register. Once payment has been authorised you will be redirected to the Order Complete page of our website.

b) Electronic Invoice 

PayPal supported electronic invoices will be provided as a payment method for orders listed below.

- Custom order products that involve specifications outside of standard options or when any design complications are involved, standard website prices may have to be adjusted.
In such cases the product will be individually quoted and invoiced according to requested specifications and design complexity;
- Multi-Colour custom-order products;
- Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) service with all relevant delivery duties and taxes included into the order total.

Electronic PayPay invoice checkout procedure:

- Once all order details and final total are confirmed you will receive an e-mail with electronic invoice and embedded PayPal checkout link.
- By clicking PayPal checkout button you will be redirected to PayPal page where you can choose from one of the following payment types supported by PayPal: debit and credit cards, bank transfers or PayPal payments.

This payment option will not require you to be registered with PayPal if you choose to pay with debit or credit cards. You will be required to have a PayPal account only if you choose PayPal as your payment gateway.

For more information regarding payments, security and other related subjects please consult according paragraphs of Terms and Conditions of Sale and 
Terms and Conditions of Use.


Once payment has been authorised you will receive an e-mail containing electronic acknowledgement of receipt and order confirmation.

Electronic acknowledgement of receipt will confirm:
- order number;
- amount paid;
- payment method;
- payment date and time;
- billing address;

Order confirmation will include:
- order number;

- final visual of chosen design;
- approved specifications, such as names of chosen colours, details of the materials and hardware choices;
- details of personalisation, if any;
- estimated dispatch and delivery dates;
- delivery details;
- order total;


We offer complimentary shipping worldwide.
All orders are shipped using DHL Express service and will require a recipient's signature upon delivery.

Please note, prices indicated on the website are exclusive of any delivery duties and taxes if such are applicable.
Upon request we provide a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) invoice with all relevant local taxes and duties included in your order total and indicated as a separate line.

Custom order products normally are dispatched within four to eight calendar weeks from the date of e-mail receipt of your order confirmation.
We will inform you when your product is produced and ready for dispatch.
Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive the shipment confirmation e-mail containing shipment tracking number and link to the carrier website.
Alternatively, you can track the status of your order by logging into your Account.

Estimated delivery timelines commence from the dispatch date and will depend on the country of delivery.

               Estimated shipping / dispatch times: 4 to 8 calendar weeks.
               Estimated delivery times: 1 to 7 business days, depending on country of delivery.

For detailed information on shipping and delivery please refer to dedicated section.


Custom order products are produced on request to bespoke specifications. Therefore such products are not eligible for returns or exchanges, unless subject to legal and/or manufacture guarantee.

For more information on returns and exchanges please consult our Terms and Conditions of Sale