Sacred patterns are the language and expression of our universe. Everything in nature is completely unique, completely perfect. That will always be the underlying guiding principle of our signature Empleach'd technique. Our work serves as a humble ode to Mother Nature's sacred geometry and timeless dynamic. 

Empleach'd pieces have been crafted in an atmosphere of stillness, space and complete dedication, with the intimacy of delicate craftsmanship. At every stage of the production process, the artisan works with surgical precision to ensure highest standards. Each individual product is the unique manifestation of one artisan's artistic journey, entrusted with a well-guarded, innovative method. This will always guarantee and safeguard our unique brand identity whilst putting a very specific limit on production.
Custom made and tailored to bespoke specifications, every piece is a creative experience taken to its extreme. 
It becomes a personality, an expression, a gift.
Empleach'd Vitalia clutch features the label's signature weaving technique and is further defined by its classic silhouette and reversible nature.
A tale of two opposites, telling a story of harmonious artistic synergy, its unique design seamlessly allows a unity of two identities. One side of the clutch is pleated with intricate, elegant weaving, adding three-dimensional refinement to the structure. Whilst one side makes a statement through elaborate detailing, its counterpart underlies a mysterious stillness. It stays beautifully minimalist, elegantly understated.

The complex structure of Empleach'd Vitalia Medium Clutch includes 117 individual pieces that are carefully assembled through over 200 laborious stages of production, with over 90 per cent of operations and stitching done by hand.

Timeless, priceless, perfection.
A singular sophistication, woven into humble magnificence.