When nature lovingly hands us an irreplicable beauty of sacred universal patterns, in our humble attempt we translate it into practical products of the very highest standard. Empleach'd weave integrates nature's sacred geometry patterns into timeless pieces.

We believe that creating a superior and meaningful product is the best way to do justice to the most precious raw materials sourced from nature. So we make sure that every square inch of our designs are the result of enormous amounts of thought, innovation, labour, time, infinite patience and dedication.

We therefore owe it to ourselves and Nature to never create a product merely for the sake of seasonal trends or fads.
The unique artistic fingerprint is visible at every junction of the design process, creating classic pieces that will withstand the demands of time for generations.

We hand-produce all our products in our London studio from responsibly sourced, by-product materials, whilst also supporting a sustainable and humane use of natural resources.
Once all technical tests required to maintain the highest standards are completed, we will be introducing a vegan range of leathers.

In the meantime, we give at least 10 per cent of our profits to animals in need, to animal shelters and animal rescue centres worldwide.